I have given private piano lessons since age 16, to a variety of ages and skill levels. I particularly enjoy beginners, loving to see the ‘light go on’ in their faces as they learn something new. I have also been able to help more advanced players with phrasing, touch, and composition in particular. I love theory, so all my students know my emphasis on reading music, and knowing how it is put together. When we know how a piece is organized, we play it better.

I love to accompany, and have helped soloists, small ensembles and choirs through my excellent sight-reading skills, transposition, and thoughtful ensemble support. I love making music with other performers, helping to make the finished product more beautiful than any of us could do separately, in much more than the notes.

‘Give them beauty and tell my story’

Most people wonder from time to time if they are really doing what they should be, if they are making a good difference in people’s lives, if they are honoring God with their work. In one such time as this, God gave me the direction to “give them beauty and tell my story.” This both comforts and motivates me, and has become a guiding principle in my work and music. It reassures me that what I do in music is valuable, and honors God by sharing his beauty. Second, it encourages me to through music draw people to Jesus and tell his story, whether in simple beauty, since music is his creation, or more directly, by telling His story of grace and redemption, the most beautiful story of all.

Soli Deo Gloria (to God alone be glory)